This Week in Pod: Sports

The Podcast You Probably Already Know:  The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons

Written by: Sam Robinson

If you are a true sports fan like myself, there is a pretty good chance you know who Bill Simmons is. A Los Angeles transplant via Boston, the ESPN column writer turned podcaster turned website owner turned Television analyst has been a constant force in the way I ingest sports news and opinions since joining ESPN in 2001. His articles are one of the few pieces of internet writing I read within hours of it posting. He developed the heralded 30 for 30 documentary series. On his award winning podcast, he has had hall of fame and current athletes, A-list actors, comedian buddies like Bill Hader and Adam Carolla, and even POTUS himself. Since launching the Grantland Network in 2011, he has now created a mini-empire on the fringes of ESPN, mixing sports and pop culture in a way that connects to the 15 year old and 40 year old alike. This expansion has allowed more great, diverse voices to break into the podcasting world, from the inside access and hilarity of the Jalen Rose Podcast, to the sultry British tones of the Soccer podcast, Men in Blazers (still trying to earn a blazer patch). Other, non sports-centric podcasts include Hollywood Prospectus, Girls in Hoodies, Do You Like Prince Movies, and The Reality TV Podcast.

The Podcast You Should Get To Know:

The Basketball Jones

This is a bit of a cheat, as I first discovered The Basketball Jones via the Grantland Network’s once a week showcase, but since first hearing their longer form Friday show, I am now a daily listener to this basketball podcast from our neighbors in the North (Toronto). Broadcasting live video Monday-Thursday, and audio only Friday, The Basketball Jones consists of hosts J.E Skeets and Tas Melas, blog contributor and big man Trey Kerby, Australian fact-checker and source of comedy gold Leigh Ellis, and the control room follies and fodder of Matt Osten and J.D. On a daily basis, they dole breakdowns of the previous night’s NBA action,  interesting/funny things happening around the league, and insight to their whacky personalities and personal lives. Recurring segments include Crossfire, mailbag from listeners/viewers, Tweet of the Week, and my personal favorite, Pun Gun, where they pun an NBA players name to giggling delight. It has the feel of a 90’s sports radio show without it feeling cheesy, and you will find yourself laughing along. Not just for the basketball aficionado, The Basketball Jones is a slam dunk. For those who are intimidated by jumping into a long running podcast, don’t fret. Even though they are approaching episode 1000, they plan to have a “best of” retrospective episode to honor hitting the millennium mark. That should help you get into the swing of things.

Also, Leigh Ellis: This better  get me a shout out on a Friday show (@haikusam).

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