Jonathan Byram An Interview

Jonathan Byram started making music at a young age and has gone on to compose short films, and prepare arrangements for recorded artists and make his own music. Today I met up with him at a local coffee shop to hear more of his thoughts on life, music and song writing. 

The Kristofferson project was a group of songs Jonathan recorded that just focused on the singing and arrangement. He didn't want to think about creating the lyrics. Pilgrim's Progress resulted in five songs that showed his strength as a singer and musician. 

Jonathan also collaborated with his wonderful mother Cassie Byram. They created a series of songs based on biblical scripture. 

Cassie Byram discusses the Lifetime Scripture Series. Introduce children to the Word of God at the earliest of ages with the Lifetime Scripture Songs. The lullabies of Sweet Dreams and up-tunes from Wonderfully Made, soothe and delight your children with inspired music for kids and adults alike!
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