Aviation and the War : The Interview

Twitter is an interesting kernel of culture. People are supporting causes, making hashtags stay relevant, but then suddenly you come across great musicians putting their heart and soul into their stories. Aviation and the War are one of these such groups. I got to hear From Matt Beunger lead singer of Aviation on why he loves making music and being apart of this band. 

1. Who are you and what do you do? 

We are Matt, Joe, and Anthony - also known as Aviation and the War. More personally, I am Matt - also known as Matthew... I sing songs and play guitar.

Matt - Singer, Guitarist 

2. How did you come up with the sound of your band? Why did you decide to go the indie rock sound?

The original sound of the band was mostly dictated by a bunch of acoustic songs I wrote that were eventually translated into versions requiring a bigger arsenal of instruments. It's really what comes out naturally when you've been heavily influenced by other indie rockers like Brand New and Manchester Orchestra

3. Are there any songs that are your favorite or have a personal story about that you would like to share? 

I guess the first thing that comes to mind is the writing of the song Haste. Just one of those instances where you feel so strongly about something that the words pour out and the song essentially writes itself. I think the entire song was written front to back in less than 20 minutes. The fact that it's one of our fan favorites kind of boggles my mind but it just goes to show how emotion can trump the technical. 


4. Any fun tour moments to share? 

Well... A couple months ago Scott Stapp (the guy from Creed) had us kicked out of the green room. Not something originally on our bucket list but we couldn't be more thrilled to cross it off. Apparently those weren't our cannoli's to snack on... 

5. What's your favorite instruments to use? 

I love my tele and jazzmaster guitars, Joe will be buried with his C & C drum kit, and Anth has an arsenal of basses that would make Flea wet his pants. 

6. Where do you take your influence from to create music? 

We create because we love to, but it's also a great outlet for all that emotion you ball up and bury deep down while you're trying to drudge through the shit life throws at you on a daily basis. 

7. How long have you been making music? 

The original duo started up in 2012. We brought Anthony aboard in the Summer of 2015.

8. Any hints to what the new album will be like or when it might be releasing? 

We don't have an exact date yet but it's definitely narrowed down to this coming fall. 

Sonically, it feels like a natural evolution from Haste to this new stuff. The biggest difference maker seems to be writing all the arrangements as a band, together in the same room. It's definitely had a huge effect on the groove of the songs; they're much more fun for us to play live. Obviously we still love the old stuff but this just has a different energy and flow. 


Fun Questions

1. If you could meet any musician/composer in history who would it be? 

I would go back and meet Dave Grohl the day before he tried out for Nirvana. I'd be all like, "You bastard.. You don't even know..... Or do you?" 

2. If you had a superpower what would it be? 

The ability to hear songs again for the first time. Fresh perspective is everything.

3. Mac or PC? 


4. If you could visit a star system, planet, space rock where would you go? 

We wouldn't risk getting stuck anywhere that doesn't have DQ or Chipotle so earth will have to suffice for now.