The Droids : An Interview

Sarah Queen (singer of the Droids) took a moment out of her day to answer a few questions about her band The Droids. Their music is electric and energizing! Please check out their music and let Sarah take it away with her answers about the band. for music. to help support us.

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1. Who are you and what do you do? 
We are The DROiDS, a synth rock band in Charlotte, NC made up of Josh and Sarah Queen. No relation....just kidding, were married. But all these answers are specifically Sarah. Hi everybody! 


2. Any fun road stories of performing? 
Actually, funny story...we don't perform live under this band yet. We have made a few videos of stripped down performances. Does that count? We rearrange our living room into a small venue and literally take every single light from around the house that we could scrounge up and pointed them at us behind the camera. 

3. What made you want to make music? 
I've been singing all my life. And we both love playing and performing music. We've been doing so together since before we were married. It's the best! We also love to listen to music, but we could rarely ever find a song that really blended the rock style we like with good, thick synths. So we decided to make it ourselves.

4. Who were you most inspired by? 

People who overcome their difficult circumstances and succeed in spite of them. They inspire us because we are trying our d*mndest to do exactly that and we need to know someone else made it. Especially artists/musicians who worked hard for years and didn't get very far for a long while and finally got some of their work noticed and can make a living off their art. That INSPIRES us to keep going no matter what. 

5. What songs do you love the most? Do you have a personal story behind them? 
It's really really hard for me to pick one of our songs as a favorite. I pour my heart into the words and story for the lyrics and the music Josh writes for them is ridiculously phenomenal! Detail upon amazing detail. I think I name different songs each time I'm asked what my favorites are! But today I'll go with Fury and maybe Obstacle. I adore these songs. Fury is about really living your life now, not waiting for anything. My dad died when I was twenty-five and it really made me think about what I believe about life, and death and spirituality and Fury talks about what I ended up with. "I don't want to die...just to find the world has passed me by."

And Obstacle is me giving myself a pep talk, which I do a lot in our songs. (Not sure what exactly that says about me! Lol) We all have things that we let hold us back for all the wrong reasons. This songs is about me picking myself up, brushing myself off, and telling myself "Self, don't you let any of that hold you back anymore." I'm talking to Fear in the song the whole time, as an inner voice I am leaving in my dust. I sing the main line to myself sometimes "Today you're going to see me cry. Tomorrow I'll forget you even mattered." and it makes me smile. 

6. What are your favorite instruments to use? 
Synthesizers. Drums. Bass guitar. Or synth bass. More synthesizers. Me singing and putting effects on it. Distorted synthesizers. And some synthesizers. Seeing a trend? Seriously though, we have been exploring all the great sounds guitars can make for decades, but it seems like we made music with synthesizers in the 70s and they mostly stayed there. We love to fine tune our synth sounds and really explore all the musical majesty they are capable of. 

7. What's your creating process like? 

Josh actually creates the initial ideas, usually by starting with an interesting synth sound he's crafted and it sounds so good it starts to inspire a type of song that could go well with it. He works with them until the songs is a mostly complete structure and then gives the demo version to me. I sing along until I develop vocal parts and then lyrics and being that to him and we produce and fine tune it into a finished product ready for the world's consumption. 

8. What's next for your band? 

We've just begun a Patreon page to help bring in steady monthly support from those wanting to help keep us going. And they are responding! So the more this happens the more it frees us to do. We've started recording the stripped down videos, we just finished our third one for Headstrong which should release next week. We have the beginnings of album three in the works. We don't wait until a full album is finished to share the songs. We've developed our own writing/recording set up so that we can release a new song or video every few weeks. And we're finally getting a newsletter together that delivers the new stuff straight to you. So feel free to sign up for that and I'll email you each video or MP3 myself. :) Right to your inbox.

Fun Questions

1. If you were stuck in the woods what five things would you want with you? 
A gps to get me back out. A vehicle to use once I am out, to get me back to civilization. A backstage pass to a MuteMath meet and greet event, once I'm back in civilization. A really good record deal, so I can tour and make music for a living, after the meet and greet event. And maybe a yummy cup of mocha. 

2. If you could perform at any venue where would it be? 
I like small venues best, where I can see the faces of the crowd and hear them sing along. Which one though? Tbh, our Livingroom. We'll pack you all in and have a blast.

3. If you could meet any musician who would it be ?
Gah! There are soooooo many. I'll go with Tom Petty. I bet that guy has a billion great stories to tell. 

4. If you could travel back in time where would you go? 
This is such a tough one. Maybe to a time when my parents were just newly weds. I would have loved to see them as young, bright-eyed kids with no idea what was in store for them.