Jase Hackman: An Interview

Jase Hackman is a singer/songwriter who loves to tell soulful stories with his guitar. He's based in Nashville, TN.

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1. Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Jase Hackman. I’m a singer/songwriter and guitar player based out of Nashville, TN.  I would classify my music as alternative with a heavy soul influence. 

Here's a song by Jase called Dream


2. What kind of influences helped create your sound?

John Mayer is my biggest influence. He has an incredible sense of melody. Not only do you sing along with his songs but he writes guitar parts that are equally as memorable that will also have you singing along. I’m also a big fan of Jeff Buckley. There is a purity to his sound, both vocal and instrumentally that is inspiring. David Ramirez has had a huge influence on my lyric writing. He has such honesty and transparency in his songs that inspire me to write songs from my heart. 

3. How long have you been a musician?

Music has been part of my life from the beginning. Since I was little I was singing, and spent my years in school in various choirs. I went to college with the goal of being a professional opera singer but half way through college I fell in love with the guitar and everything changed. My goals began to change and I knew I wanted to move to Nashville to play guitar. 


4. What was it like to collaborate with Asher Catalado? Do you play guitar for other bands often? Or Collaborate with other musicians often? (see interview about Asher HERE)

It was great working with Asher. Asher is a really nice guy and I really enjoy spending time with him. His music is fun to play because it has this cool R&B undertone that I really enjoy playing. I do play guitar for other people when the opportunity arises. Right now I play for a CCM/soul artist named Erskin Anavitarte  when he has a gig that requires a full band. I also do some studio work with Harmonics House studio.  


The other person I collaborate with is my wife, Laura. She is an extremely talented singer/songwriter.


5. Are there any songs on your latest album that were inspired by a personal story?

Jase Hackman with his guitar

The album is really about my first few years in Nashville. Falling in love, falling out of love, facing personal demons, and connecting with myself and God in new ways. It is like a photo album of my first few years in Nashville. 


6. What's your favorite song on the What's This Beating Album? 

That is a hard question. My favorite songs to play live from the record are "Got to Go" and "Dream." On the record I really like how "Get Out Of My Heart" turned out. It was one of the songs going into the studio that I wasn’t sure how it was going to come to life, but it did in a really unique way. 


7. What's your writing process like? How does it become a song?

Most of my songs start on the guitar. It will begin with a riff or idea on the guitar that will turn into a melody. From there, I put lyrics to the guitar part and melody. 


8. Where do you like to create your music?

In front of a guitar amp  . But seriously. We have a music room in our apartment that my wife and I use for writing and practicing. 


9. Do you have any fun road stories while performing?

I once played at this place called Hippie Hill. It is a hippie colony on top of a mountain in TN. Everyone lives out of broken down buses and vans, showering isn't really a thing, and a whole host of other things were going on. It was an experience. 


10. What's next for you?

Next for me is the road. I just got married a few days ago and that has kept me off the road for a while. The plan is to book lots of shows and travel as much as I can. I also have plans to release a single by the end of the year and an EP some time next year. Another new thing I’m up to a Patreon campaign. I put on an online show each month for my patrons and there are lots of other perks to it too. 




Fun Questions

1. What 5 things would you take with you on an abandoned island? This island has animals and fresh water.

*Editors Note - There are no rules with this question. Below is the result  * 

  •       I would take my wife because she is lovely.
  •       I would take a guitar ( is there electricity so i can play electric guitar?)
  •       I would take my kindle with hundreds of books on it
  •       I must have coffee. Preferably light roast with my french press to brew it.
  •       I would want my playstation for when I needed a break from guitar and when my books get       boring. 


2. If you could meet any musical artist living or dead who would it be?

 John Mayer for sure. It is a personal goal of mine to play guitar with him. 


3. If you could perform at any venue where would it be?

When I moved to Nashville I told myself that someday I would play at L.P. Field (now called Nissan Stadium) because it is the biggest place you can play in Nashville. So that is a life goal. But I would love to play at the Ryman. The Ryman used to be a church, and it has amazing acoustics. It is THE place to play in Nashville. Most off my favorite musicians play at the Ryman when they pass through town. There is something special about that place. 

4. If you could travel back in time where would you go who would you meet?

I wish I could go back and see Queen at their prime. To hear Bryan May demolish on a guitar, and hear Freddie Mercury sing his heart out. I bet that would be a life changing experience.