Lauren Marsh : An Interview

Lauren Marsh is a singer with a pure soul and you feel her heart as she sings. 

Check her out at Princeton’s Communiversity Arts Fest which attracts 40k people annually. She will be on the Washington Stage at 3 PM this Sunday, April 30th. 


Lauren Marsh playing keys - Photo Credit Lauren Marsh

Lauren Marsh playing keys - Photo Credit Lauren Marsh


Who are you and what do you do? 

I’m Lauren Marsh, an independent singer songwriter from New Jersey. My original song “Dear Love” has over 2.5 million Spotify streams and was featured on NCIS: New Orleans, Season 2 Episode 16. I’ve performed as Pre-Show Entertainment for artists like Andy Grammer and Gavin DeGraw and have been writing songs since I was 14.

Lauren Marsh - Photo Credit Lauren Marsh 

Lauren Marsh - Photo Credit Lauren Marsh 

What is the best thing about performing? 

I love being able to bond and connect with an audience. At the end of the day, we all just want to have a good time and be in the moment. The energy of a live performance is addicting and I always just want more of it. 

Lauren Marsh Performing with her ukulele at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC

Lauren Marsh Performing with her ukulele at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC

How would you define your music? 

I’m a singer songwriter with a pop edge. I perform acoustically and with a band, so my sound on stage varies, but always centers around that raw songwriter identity. 


What is your songwriting process? 

I’m inspired a lot by what happens to us in life; the ups and downs and how we overcome what may seem to be our biggest obstacles. I usually start writing with a storyline in mind that I want to tell or I get inspired by one simple melody idea or chord progression. Every song comes about differently and comes from a different place. That’s probably my favorite thing about songwriting. 

What got you started in music? 

When I was really young I’d be running around the house just singing random melodies. Even though I played sports growing up, I’d be on the field or out on the court just singing melodies that would come to me. I also have a very supportive music family. Both my Mom and Dad were involved in music and would perform. I was 14 when I decided I wanted to learn piano, to put the melodies I was hearing to music, from there everything just grew and I knew I wanted to write songs and perform.

Any favorite stories you can share about any specific song? 

I wrote my original song “Dear Love” as a thank you to people who have always been there for me. It’s my way of saying that I’ll always be there for them too. When “Dear Love” was placed on the Spotify Curated “Broken Heart” playlist as a break-up song, I couldn’t believe it. I was totally thrilled to be on the playlist, next to artists like Coldplay and Adele, but “Dear Love” was never written as a break-up song. It just makes me giggle and smile because everyone interprets things differently and I’m honored to have my song be helpful to someone going through a break-up. 


Who do you find you are most influenced by musically? 

The things happening around me in life tend to influence me the most. Whether it’s something that I’m going through or something someone close to me is going through, it’s the things that really touch me emotionally influence my music and songwriting. I never really liked talking about my emotions growing up, so my outlet became music. It’s a release, but it’s also a way of opening the conversation on a larger spectrum. 

What's next for you? 

Well, I’m a songwriter so I’m always writing new music, writing is something that’s just a part of who I am. Right now I’m really focusing on performing. I just performed in NYC at Rockwood Music Hall and I’m looking forward to performing in NYC on June 2nd at the West End Lounge.

This week I’m also preparing to perform at Princeton’s Communiversity Arts Fest which attracts 40k people annually. I’ll be live on the Washington Stage at 3 PM this Sunday, April 30th. 


Fun Questions

If you were stranded on an island with only five items what would you want with you? 

Well I’d definitely want my cat, Sasha, she’d be great. Maybe some seeds to plant food? Feels like a reasonable idea haha. Internet and my laptop as well, to listen to music and to binge Netflix… sounds like I’ll be on this island for a while, so I might as well catch up on some shows and check out some new music. Lastly, some sunblock cause I burn like crazy. 


If you could perform in any performance venue where would it be? 

The Beacon Theatre in NYC is great, I got to see Coldplay there once and just fell in love with the atmosphere. 

Do you watch/play sports? If so who do you watch/play? 

I love soccer! Big soccer fan and I try to play when I can, it’s also a great workout. I also really love the Puppy Bowl and the Kitten Bowl that they play right before the Super Bowl. I could watch that all day.

What is your favorite kind of sandwich combination? 

Turkey with melted brie cheese and strawberry mayonnaise, so so good.