Dru Cutler: An Interview

Dru Cutler music vibrates the ears with his soulful music and acoustic sound. 


Check out Dru Cutler's music live if you are in the New York City area! He will perform an intimate acoustic performance of his entire album. This event will also have limited edition vinyls of his record. 

Event: Vinyl listening party

Date: Friday April 13th 

 Where: NoHo Sound 62 Cooper Sq New York, NY 1003 

Dru Cutler  Photo Credit: VLADIMIR WEINSTEIN 

Dru Cutler


Who are you and what do you do? 
I’m a singer, a songwriter and I’m the son of a 5th grade science teacher. 
I make songs that are both simple and striking, and put people in touch with their own feelings, thoughts and memories. 

What makes this new album different than the others? 

The new record tells a number of tender and intimate stories. I assembled an all-star production team, who's experience ranged from Bob Dylan and David Bowie to Ani DeFranco and the Flaming Lips. They all encouraged me to tell more vulnerable, personal stories, which I pushed myself to do. 

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It wasn’t easy to be so brutally honest. 

"Bring Closer the Distance" includes a tribute to my stepmother, (in a song called “Judy”) who disappeared from my life when I was twenty one years old. It also features an incredibly haunting piano and cello ballad called "txt message from my father" that addresses my father’s struggle with suicide. 


That was harder to perform than any other song I’ve captured. It dealt with raw memories that are still, to this day. unresolved. 

What inspired the song “Text Message From My Father”? 

For as long as I can remember, my father has suffered from bi-polar disorder and depression. He’s like a prisoner to it. He’s trapped by it. 

I always wanted to write a song about his struggle, but I didn’t know how to do it. I was afraid I would come across a “poor me” type of thing, and listening to other folks complain is … boring. 

Then, last year, he sent my sisters and I a text that said he was going to kill himself on a specific day, at a specific time. For months, he would count down the days he had left by just sending me texts that said “34” or “26” or “9”. 

It was excruciating. 

On the last day, the day of the eclipse, he went radio silent. He disappeared. 

We had to send police officers over to his house to bang on the wooden door.

That’s when the song came. I didn’t write any of the words. I just took the language from his text messages, and set them. It’s not me singing, it’s him. 

In the end, he lived. But I don’t want anyone to have to go through anything like that.

Dru Cutler  Photo Credit: VLADIMIR WEINSTEIN

Dru Cutler


How did you figure out your sound? You use a lot of instruments that other performers don't typically use
I studied music composition in college, so I was around all types of orchestral sounds. This record heavily features both cello and grand piano.

I like songs that grow, so when you listen to a song like “12yrs” it presents a gorgeous journey for the listener. 

Where is the best place you've performed? 
Frenchman street in New Orleans. When we showed up, there were zero people there and it was raining. We thought “this is gonna be a bust”, but we played anyway. Rocked our asses off, and ended up growing the crowd into 60 folks who were dancing till 3AM. 

We tried to close the set multiple times, but they kept putting money in the bucket, so we kept rocking. Even the bartender came over and said “can you guys please keep going, we’re selling a ton of booze.” 

It felt good.

Any road stories? 
We were in Virginia at a Loves truck stop, which is a sad and magical place, and we passed by these terrible looking slot machines that were stationed about two feet away from the bathrooms. It was an odd combo. I was thinking “what do you have to do with your life to end up gambling at a gas station, ya know?"

Out of boredom, I put a buck in the slot machine and won! Big time! After what felt like 5min of points racking up, I read the paper sign that was attached to the glass “ALL WINNINGS ONLY GOOD FOR STORE CREDIT.” 

So. We had to buy a shit ton of coffee and Doritos. 

Fun Questions

If you were stuck on an abandoned island what five items would you have with you? 
My GF. My acoustic guitar. A friendly dog. A box of neon legos. Shark repellent. 

If you could travel into outer space where would you go? 
Oh yes. I’d take my mom, she’s into space, and we’d head to the Andromeda galaxy, which is the closest one. But we’d be dead before we arrived, so, there's still that to figure out. 

If you could travel back in time where would you go? 

The premiere of Igor Stravinsky’s "Rite of Spring”.

If you could play on stage with any other musicians who would it be?
Bjork, David Byrne or Jeff Tweedy (Wilco).