Hoobastank : An Interview

Doug Robb - Courtesy of Instagram 

Doug Robb - Courtesy of Instagram 

Hoobastank With such songs as "The Reason" a breakout hit for them. Now with their six studio album Push/Pull out May 25. they are getting back to their roots. 

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Doug Robb. I sing and sometimes play rhythm guitar in Hoobastank.

What have you been doing in between the years since your last album release?

Playing shows. About half in the U.S. and half overseas. Writing a ton of music. Being a dad to my two kids. Living life.

What inspired the title track Push/Pull?

A conversation with a friend during the last record "cycle" who mentioned that you want to be on the "pull" side of success (however you may define success) rather than the "push" side. Meaning you don't want to try to force your way into the hearts and minds of people. It's better to just "do you" and let the right people and things come to you naturally. Don't compromise who you are in your quest for your goals. Be yourself unabashedly and the right rewards will be there.

When “The Reason” came out it was a success. How has the overwhelming success of that one song affected you as musicians?

It's always been a double-edged sword. It was great to experience all the "perks and accolades" that come with such a huge song and at the same time, you may alienate fans who liked our "heavier" songs. You face the public backlash of a song that becomes bigger than the band. It becomes overplayed. It goes from being popular to love the song to be popular to hate the song. Dumb stuff like that. You see it all the time. As a musician, it took years to stop analyzing what made that song so successful and to stop trying to recreate that success. That song came about naturally. The next successful song will come about the same way. *see Push Pull

Hoobastank - Courtesy of Prime PR Group Inc

Hoobastank - Courtesy of Prime PR Group Inc

Do you have any fun road stories to share?

A: it's hard to remember all of the stories from 17 years of touring but here's one that kind of sticks out. We were in Cape Town, South Africa. We flew with a TV crew in a Vietnam era Huey Helicopter over the city. We made some military-style canyon runs through the mountains and strafed over the beach as low as we could go. We ended up at an ATV course outside of the city where we rode quad runners for the rest of the day. Not a bad "day of the press" in my book.

Fun questions

If you were stuck on an abandoned island what five items would you want to have? 

1. Satellite Phone. 2. House and all amenities. 3. Industrial sized fridge with months of food. 4. A motorboat with a year's supply of fuel. 5. Friends and family. I'd turn it into a vacation basically.

If you had a superpower what would it be?

A: As a kid that would have been an easy answer for me, the power to fly like superman. As an adult, I wish I had the power to make everyone on earth feel love and happiness. To find contentment and peace. Sounds corny but that's the super power I'd want. Especially nowadays.