Mandy Sloan Blue [Summer] : A Review

Mandy Sloan is a seasoned artist and she is a friend of The Articles of Antiquity. We have supported her albums over the years because she has a timeless quality to her voice. This new album is no different. Blue [Summer] takes you back to another time when the world was simpler and carefree. 

Blue [Summer] opens up with a hazy, lazy acoustic vibe, which is a one minute interlude called "Sunset" into her next song "Let's Go for Broke" which tells the story of lovers losing it all for love. The tune is bouncy and you want to go on the windy, whimsy path with her voice. 

The song "Drift" transforms the listener into her reverie where you hear the sound of rain dripping and a dissipated discord of Sloan coming in and out of rhythm. 

Blue [Summer] takes you on a journey of love, and life. She sings about relationships that need mending and how love can bloom despite circumstances. Her casual easy breezy vocals and fun guitar playing take you on a menagerie of dreams and thoughts. 

Mandy crafted her album into a perfect opener called "Sunset" and an ethereal ending called "Sunrise". These melodic environmental feelings give the listener a perfect send off for an album ending. 

For some throwback to a less crazy time take a listen to Mandy's new album.