Let's Hear it for dadbod a Debut Band out of Los Angeles

It's exciting times for the band Dadbod. For some time these three guys have been working away at demos and cranking out new songs. Friday May 20th they are debuting some songs and performing live for the first time together. Come celebrate with them by seeing them live at Tr!p in Santa Monica at 9:30pm 5$ cover

You can also check out some of their music here. And like them on Facebook here

I also was able to snag a joint interview with Shane and Chase and Ben from dadbod. 

1. Who are you and what do you do in the band?      I’m Chase, I play guitar and I sing (most of the time) 

My name is Shane and I beat the crap out of the drums (and occasionally play guitar).

I'm Ben and I slap the bass

2. Where did the name of the band come from? 

S:  Chase and I came up with sooooo many names. One night we were texting ideas back and forth and “dadbod” just hit me. I sent him that and he immediately said, “That’s it.”

C:  I have been playing drums for 16 years and guitar for 11. Played piano for like a year. I can play the Hanukkah song (intro)!

B: Once upon a time I was mining in South Africa. I found an ancient tomb to explore with fascinating ancient writing in the walls that caught my eye. They read: 'dadbod' 

3. How long have you been playing your instrument?

C: I started playing guitar during the Great Depression as a way to keep myself happy during serious financial struggle. I was 12.

S:  I have been playing drums for 16 years and guitar for 11. Played piano for like a year. I can play the Hanukkah song (intro)!  

B: Since I was a kid, so like 13 years

4.What would you say is the sound of your band? Or genre of it? 

C: We call it Sweat Rock, mostly cause were all out of shape (hence the sweating). Carrying our instruments can be a struggle. But if I had to define it, our music is a cross between a Peruvian pan flute band and a laughing bab

S:  Sound: Loud.  Genre: Sweat Rock. Because when our show is over, both you and the band will be sweaty (we are also the ONLY band that gets sweaty when we play).

B: Loud and fast sweat rock. I'd say influencers come from alternative/garage rock, plus some punk rock and hardcore to make it fun

5. Any plans for the future? Mini tour? New EP? 

C: Were going to start the recording process again really soon and try to get an EP out in the coming months. Were continuously writing new material and are trying to book as many shows as possible. As for a tour, that’s on the list for sure. Were just doing our own thing in hopes that it will all fall into place. 

B: EP soon!

S:  We are in the process of recording a 4-6 song EP.

Fun Questions

1. If you were stranded in the forest what five things would you take with you?

C: I would bring 5 pairs of underwear.

S:  Well, if i know i’m going to be stranded in the forest I guess I’d bring foresty stuff, like flashlights and stuff. Also a guitar. And iPhone charger (duh).

B: Just my swag. 

2. If you could travel into outer space where would you visit first? 

C: Pluto, so I could tell it that I’ll always believe it’s a planet. “Shhhh its okay Pluto, I believe in you.”

S: I’d just wanna get as far away from Earth once Trump wins in November.

B: Where the aliens at

3. If you could meet anyone living or dead who would it be? 

C: Hendrix (Jimmy)

S:  John Bonham

B: Donald Trump

4. If you had a superpower what would it be? 

C: The ability to make no one else have super powers. Let’s just all be equal aight.

S:  I just wanna be Spider-Man, man.  

BFlying and shooting and fire. And laser. And reading minds