Want a new Coloring Book? Check out Kate Fitzpatricks new Wild World

Interview by: Jen Sparkman 

We all know the recent craze in coloring books has gone up two fold in recent years. I for one own two. One for cats and another for creatures in the ocean. Our lives are stressful and unpredictable. There's nothing like coming home after a long day of work to do some quiet coloring. My last adventure led me to watching Star Wars the Force Awakens and coloring in my book called "Lost Ocean". 

The latest in the lovely publishing world of coloring books is Kate Fitzpatrick's Wild World : A Coloring Book. It just went on up for purchase April 22, 2016.

Wild World Book Cover

Wild World Book Cover

Here's a short interview from the author/illustrator of Wild World Kate Fitzpatrick.

1.What was the inspiration to create a coloring book from your illustrations? 

I love coloring, it's always been a source of joy for me and it makes me happy that so many people are getting to have that experience with the rise of adult coloring books. I felt that, with my unique illustration style, love for animals, and passion for coloring, I had something to contribute! 

2. What was the process like of self publishing through CreateSpace?

An inked version of one of the coloring pages

Ultimately it was great, although there was some trial and error for me with getting cropping and alignment right. So I had to order a few proofs, make changes, order new proofs...that took a little longer then I expected, but that was a me issue, not a CreateSpace issue. However, there is one big thing that I learned and will pass along to anyone else thinking of printing a coloring book through them. When I printed the interior of the book in black and white at 300dpi, the line quality was so pixilated. I upped it to 600dpi but it still wasn't up to par. I went to their forums and found that other artists were having the same issue. The solution was to print the interior of the book in color, even though it's black and white images. The line quality totally improved and, added bonus, the paper quality is higher, which is great for a coloring book! 

3. Do you plan on making another coloring book in the future? 

When I was working on the illustrations for this coloring book, I was in total art heaven and already started thinking about a second coloring book- before even finishing the first one! So I definitely have some ideas. But we'll see. It depends on demand! If I'm lucky enough to have an audience asking for a second book down then line, then I'm totally in. 

4. What was one success from making the coloring book?

Oh gosh. You know what a big one is? Before I did this, I would get a little (ok, a big) pang whenever I saw those huge displays in bookstores of Adult Coloring Books. It gnawed at me that I hadn't made my own yet! I knew that if I didn't make it happen then that awful pang would turn into regret, which would be even worse. So the fact that I did it is a success to me. Even if nobody purchased it, at least I did it! And people have been very receptive to it which means the world. And now I don't get that pang when I see the book store displays anymore! 

5. What was one challenge from making the coloring book? 

The hardest part was the actual turning-illustrations-into-a-book part. Getting the formatting and line quality just right took me about two or three weeks longer than I expected it to. I had a target date for when I wanted to release it, and that date sailed right on by! I had to let go of my personal timeline and tell myself that it would come together when it came together. And it did! It ended up being released on April 22, which was Earth Day, so that felt really perfect since the coloring book is all about animals and nature. 

6. My favorite page is the very last page, which is the polar bear!

The polar bear has actually become a character to me. As in, I have a whole backstory for her and she figures prominently in a fantasy novel that I'm writing. So that page holds a special place in my imagination at the moment! 

You can find out more about the illustrator here. She was interviewed a little while back on the site. Her illustrations are available to purchase here