Natterdoodle : An Interview

Natalie Keller Pariano creates beautiful stylistic handwriting and design in her studio Natterdoodle based in Columbus, OH. Looking at her work usually makes one smile. 


Who are you and what do you do? 

Natalie Keller Pariano

Natalie Keller Pariano

Hi, I'm Natalie Keller Pariano of Natterdoodle, heartfelt handwriting. I'm a lettering artist and sprinkler of positivity confetti in Columbus, Ohio.

How did you get started in NatterDoodle? 

I started playing with pens and paint as a kiddo. My funky writing eventually turned into an outlet for stress relief and then a hobby that I would occasionally share with the Instagram universe. I doodled positive affirmations, quotes, song lyrics, etc...really anything to bring a little more hope and happiness - and snickers into the world. I called my posts "Natterdoodles" in homage to a nickname my friend called me in college. 

After a few months of flooding my followers' feeds with #natterdoodle, (and sending loads of free art to anyone who asked on Instagram) a very clever friend of mine, James Clear, encouraged me to make my hobby into a practiced habit.

I used my posts as an accountability measure and committed to doodling every day. 

I was overwhelmed by all the love I got from internet folk and started taking requests for custom quotations, handlettered envelopes, party decorations and other special requests. I love sharing my inspirations with others; equal parts sappy and snarky.

What was it like transitioning from your former job into this one fulltime? 

HARD. I was a college educator for 10 years and I absolutely love working with college students. Leaving behind a community I love and am passionate about to pursue a new dream was a truly difficult decision. But I'm grateful for this new creative adventure and love that I am positively touching peoples' lives in a new way. 

What are some of the successes and struggles you've had with your business? 

I've had lots of success with pretty fun, pretty outrageous, pretty colorful, pretty inspirational art prints! Branching out to new products is a fun and exciting struggle. People love phone cases, but it's hard to stock all of the styles and sizes everyone wants. Part of my struggle is balancing creating art that excites me vs. art that I know will sell. Finding that sweet spot of art that excites me and that will sell is always a challenge!

What inspired your designs? 

Each piece has a different inspiration. My mission with Natterdoodle is to sprinkle positivity confetti and foster a little more hope, optimism, and kindness in the world. A lot of my designs are inspired by social causes that mean a lot to me. When I create art with that in mind, I always donate a percentage of the profits to the cause.

Do you have any favorites you have made? Do any have a personal story behind them? 

A lot of my favorite pieces are about empowering women. I'm lucky that lettering art literally lets my art speak for itself; writing uplifting messages about how badass and powerful women are will always be a favorite for me.

What does your studio look like? 

I have an in-home studio with three bright white walls and white work tables to give me a blank slate to create. There are places for my work to dry or be displayed while it's in progress. The fourth little corner is my favorite, it's bright pink with a gallery wall of whimsy. The art was made by friends or artists I admire and it includes a loveseat for me to cozy up on to write emails or read.

What's next for you? 

I have a line of pretty and clever notebooks that are releasing this summer and I'm super psyched to share with the world. After all, a goal not written down is just a wish.

Have any funny stories to share on how you might've come up with some of your fun phrases for products?

My best friend Joe is a big inspiration for me. He's a total goofball and we love to riff off one another, make up puns, change song lyrics and just generally try to one up each other until we cry laughing. That's how the majority of my most quirky, giggle-worthy prints are born!

Fun Questions

If you were stranded on an island what five things would you bring with you?

  • Infinite paper and pens (obviously)
  • My rescue pup Confetti
  • Lip balm
  • Sunglasses
  • A working and full charged cell phone (so I could call my rescue helicopter when I'm done with my odd vacation)

If you could meet any person in history who would it be? 

Recently I've been really interested in Zelda Fitzgerald. She seemed like a one-of-a-kind woman, brilliant and ahead of her time. And tragic.

What is your favorite color? 

Rainbow is my favorite color. Second favorite is sparkles. Second runner up is green.

What is your favorite time of day? 

Sunday mornings are my favorite. I love to work in the morning light for at least 90 minutes and then rush off to brunch.

Do you love coffee or tea more? Or neither? 

They are both lovely, but honestly I don't really religiously drink either every day. I am a big sparkling water fanatic.