Miasun: An Interview

A classic staple of summer is the umbrella. Over the years it has changed in design, but today the shape is a clever pull over tent style created by Hortense Miasun's designer. Yet, when you aren't using it the design folds into a slightly larger handbag. 

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Who are you and what do you do? 

We are French, we come from a small paradise called "Annecy" between the mountains & Switzerland and Lyon. We are friends from school and travel mates. 

Hortense (whose nickname is "mia") is an Interior Designer.  She is very creative and a perfectionist. In her free time, she loves to travel abroad as much as she loves her hometown. She has lived & worked in NY and California in the past. Her last Interior design project was a 5 stars hotel in Val d'isere.

Mia Left    Right  Valériane

Mia Left  Right Valériane

Valériane is Project Manager. She is very sociable and resourceful. She loves to travel, explore new places, meet people, organize dinner & challenge herself, such as participating in marathons. 

She studied marketing & sales and worked in severals companies in France and abroad. 

How did you come up with the idea for Miasun? 

We realized in 2016 while traveling in Australia, how important it is to protect our skin from the sun. We also noticed how difficult it is to find beautiful and nice beach tents. A bulky umbrella or a mini soccer cage? We still prefer to do without.

During the trip, we decided to go canoe but it was so rainy that we had no other choice but to stay at the camp and "relax". We decided to play a business game together: we brainstormed and the idea of Miasun came up.

In Spring, she was working freelance in Barcelona and she designed from there a smart folding system to carry the shade easily. She learned to sew and her brother encouraged her to work on it.

In September, Mia started to look for fabrics and stuff and she convinced Val to come back from Australia to create the business.

The product was innovative, beautiful and they had to test it at the beach.

In October they meet in BALI (between France in Australia) and the first day they realized how nice the product was. They started to source all the components, they visited the factory, took pictures.

In November, back in France they finally found some partners.

They created their company in January 2017, their goal is to offer a quality product, made in France, to protect you from the sun and take you around the world.

Since then, they have produced their Miasun in three colors, created their website with the help of mia's sister, made some partnership with mums on Instagram, and got some articles in French Press and started to sell online In France and Europe.

This summer in July and August of 2017  they will organize some "miasuntrip" and events (like yoga event/ healthy or music festivals) in the south of France. 

They want to expand their business quickly to foreign countries like in the USA along the west coast, Bali, and Brazil.  

Where did you find inspiration for the fabric on the shades? 

That part was very challenging because we wanted to find something different and fashionable, but also something that protected us from the sun at the same time. One day at the bottom of a commercial bag full of fabrics we saw something that we liked the print was nice, but they wanted a different color.

They decided to make a special order with their own Pantone reference and that's how was born the Blue / White / and Tulum. These three models have the names of the places where the girls traveled Bali/Tulum and where they live : Annecy

Regarding the yellow color that represents the brand Miasun. We have a funny story about that one as well. We chose the color from a yellow fluo safety vest inside the car of the owner's fabric factory.

What do you love about running the company? 

We love to be free & to do whatever we want to do whenever we want; it's mostly work since we just started, but we are very flexible and reactive and that makes us more efficient. We have learned a lot, we meet people, we see directly what we built. Every day is different. Even if our nights are short and without salary, for now, we are happy to do it every day. It's a family and friends business, and it makes sense. Our project and product match with our personalities and life style.

We are proud to produce Miasun in France. And we can travel while we work and that is great!

What have been a few challenges you've experienced running Miasun? 

Our first challenge was the time. We had to build everything in very short delay because summer in France is from June to August only. We had to be very effective and support ourselves to manage our stress. We are both different, and when you build your company you learn a lot about yourself and about your partner. 

You have to be complementary. Every day is a kind of challenge. The more you climb the stairs the higher the step are ... It's hard to stop to think about miasun

Fun Questions

If you were stranded on an island what five items would you want with you? 

both : miasun (once you try it you can't do without ;) )

a radio / solar panels / knife & seeds

If you had a super power what would it be? 

both: Teleportation  

If you could travel to anywhere in history where would you go? 

ia : Big ben / creation of the universe / travel in the cosmo

val : Less than 100 years ago, when every thing that we know today was created or // in the future ...