Yehuda Davir: An Interview

Yehuda Davir creates comics from his own life as inspiration. The stories he tells are humorous, delightful and outright true to humanities core. When you love someone you'd do anything for them. 


Who are you and what do you do? 

Pictured: Maya and Yehuda (courtesy of Yehuda) 

Pictured: Maya and Yehuda (courtesy of Yehuda) 

I'm a comic artist and I create fun comics about the relationship with my wife, Maya, called "One of those days".

What made you want to start chronicling your life with your wife?

 "One of those days" comics began when we moved to Tel Aviv and was looking for an apartment. Maya suggested that I make a fun illustration asking our friends help to find a nice apartment (it's very hard in Tel Aviv). The illustration got many peoples attention and sympathy and now we publish a new illustration every week. 

What are some of your most favorite stories to draw? 

I don't really have any favorites... Our first rule is that our illustrations will be base on a real moment that happens to us so everything is fun to draw.

Illustrations by Yehuda Devir

Illustrations by Yehuda Devir

Have there been any comic panels that were harder than others to create? 

I don't think so, the hard part is usually to decide what story should we tell this week and summarize the concept into one frame composition (me and Maya together). After that, the execution is easier. 

Illustrations by Yehuda Devir

Illustrations by Yehuda Devir

What is your process like? Do you sketch on paper first or do you go right into it and start on the computer?  

The working process is me and Maya together. Usually, after something interesting for illustration happen to us, we tighten the concept and do a few composition sketches (by hand or in the computer). After that, I sit down and start working. When I finish, Maya adding her suggestions for improvement (color, typography and so on...). I use the Wacom Cintiq device so I do the illustrations straight on the computer.

All of this process takes no more than a day.

Illustrations by Yehuda Devir

Illustrations by Yehuda Devir

What program do you use to digitize the comic? 


Illustrations by Yehuda Devir

Illustrations by Yehuda Devir

What did you like about art school? What was one thing that you learned that really changed the way you created art?  

I began to draw from a very young age so most of my technique is self-taught. The university opened me to new visual worlds, Introduced me to new artists, and helped me interpret an idea into a visual.

I Upgraded Myself - Illustration: Yehuda Devir

I Upgraded Myself - Illustration: Yehuda Devir

Who are some artists you admire or inspire you to be a better artist? 

Here are some of the artists I love: Tomer and Asaf Hanuka, Jim Lee, Kim Jung Gi, Picasso, Stuart Immonen, R B Silva, Skottie Young, Frank Cho, FrankMiller, Jack Kirby, Maya Devir. From every artist I took something: Coloring, humans anatomy, movement, composition end so on...

What do you love about your job? 

The best part about my job is that it makes people happy and feel good about themselves.

What does your work desk look like? 

Very minimal. My Cintiq, second computer screen and lots of Hulk action figures (he is my favorite comics character).

Happy Anniversary My Love Illustration: Yehuda Devir

Happy Anniversary My Love Illustration: Yehuda Devir

Fun Questions

If you were stranded on an abandoned island what five items would you want with you?

The only item I need is Maya, because she can help me get a lot more than five items.

If you could travel to outer space where would you go? 

Take Maya to Asgard (Thor) or Hobbiton (The lord of the rings).

If you could create a travelogue about anywhere in time and space what would it be? 

Italy in the Renaissance era.

What was your favorite cartoon as a child?

Johnny Bravo, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men.