Susan Cain : A Quiet Revolution at HOW Design Live

Susan Cain is a researcher, storyteller, and human needs advocate. What I mean is that she's very in tune with who you are as a person. 

At the HOW Design Live conference, she was the opening keynote speaker on April 30th, 2018. 

Susan Cain starts her speech about telling the crowd that two out of three people are introverts. She then goes into showing a slide about a party of people and asking the crowd how they might feel after two hours. Introverts typically will want to recharge and have low batteries. Extroverts, on the other hand, are recharged and ready for what's next.

Susan Cain then talks about how as a designer they are always looking to stay in the sweet spot as long as possible. Companies need to have a yin and yang. Then some people are in the middle who are ambiverts. Those are the lucky people who have the best of both worlds. 

How do businesses run meetings differently? 

Cain mentions how introverts can get ahead

  • Figure out the questions you want to ask ahead of time 
  • Then speak up first when sharing ideas

Cain mentions how extroverts can get ahead

  • Curb your enthusiasm 
  • Stop being the first one to speak up always and then dominate the entire conversation 

Gage Skidmore photography credit

Gage Skidmore photography credit

Takeaways she left us with

1) Enter, Exit, return to your comfort zone

2) Speak up about your quiet side

3) Groom an unlikely leader 

4) Take quiet Revolution Personality test

5) Know what's in your suitcase (She mentions how she has a suitcase of books she takes wherever she goes) 

"There's no correlation between being quiet and ambition"  

-Susan Cain