Coachella in 140 characters or less (and some tangents)

1. Action Bronson:

Went into the crowd and helped lift up a dude in a wheelchair to crowd surf. That happened.

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs:

Lots on energy, lots of fun. Lots of fabric. Wasn’t sure at first if this was real or the mind altering substances I ingested.


3. Passion Pit

I like this band a lot, but this is the only thing I can think of when I hear their music.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

copyright: TacoBell

4. Band of Horses

I will save some characters and instead share one of the only videos I bothered to capture. Song: “Ready for the funeral”.

5. Japandroids

Only took the sound tech team 20 minutes into their allotted set time to fix the mics, but it was well worth it.



Yes, he is a one hit wonder with “Harlem Shake”. But Coachella is the perfect atmosphere for people to go nuts to this song. The only thing that would upstage him would be…


Who had Bauuer come on for another, even crazier Harlem shake. And then this happened.

And yes, many of those shirts were thrown by women, some without an alternative top covering, aka BOOBS.


7. Franz Ferdinand

This is the only visual proof I have that I saw Franz Ferdinand.

The only other proof would be bruises from the jumping mosh pit during “Take Me Out”. So much fun.


8. Grizzly Bear

Too slow a tempo for Coachella. Love them, but it didn’t work in that venue. In non music related bear news, check out this sweet shirt I got the other day. #AssassinsCreed



Was told to see them from a friend who went to SXSW. Really fun, and made me feel so old, because they all looked like they were 15 years old.

10. Gaslight Anthem

Two words: Bro City.

11. Lumineers

All I could think about when their most popular song played

12. Wu Tang

Man, rappers getting old can be a bit depressing.  RIP ODB.

13. Red Hot Chili Peppers

Man, rockers getting old can be even more depressing. Also, sandstorm.

When Anthony Keidis said, “I feel like Lawrence of Arabia”, maybe 1/5 of the crowd knew the reference. I am old.

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