Skywatch : An Interview with Colin Levy

Colin is one of the most talented storytellers I know. He's back at it creating a sci-fi short film and is in need of your help! Learn more about him and his short film below in this fun little interview. 

To help support the crew of SKYWATCH check out his Kickstarter here

Skywatch, Uriah Shelton and Zach Callison

Skywatch, Uriah Shelton and Zach Callison

Who are you and what are you doing on Kickstarter? 

Hi! My name is Colin Levy and I am raising funds to finish my passion project: an ambitious sci-fi short film called SKYWATCH!

Why do you love crowdfunding? 

It’s empowering! So many wonderful things in the world wouldn't exist without crowdfunding-enabled grassroots support. For me personally, it’s been a struggle to find a viable path towards doing the type of work that I want to do. In a world without crowdfunding, either you can get paid to make something for someone else, or you can be a starving artist but making stuff for yourself. I’m making stuff for myself right now - but I simply can’t afford to finance the projects I want to accomplish. Filmmaking is an expensive endeavor! So Kickstarter is not only an incredible means to getting a project done, but it’s also a great way to a vision of the world and builds up a community of folks who are interested in what you’re doing. Even if my campaign fails this month, I feel like my potential audience will still have grown because of it!

What was a funny moment on set you would like to share?

So it took us forever to schedule our pickup shoot after principle photography. One of our leads, Uriah Shelton, had cut his hair real short, so we scrambled to find a wig (!) that looked in the ballpark of what we had shot already. On set the wig was so tight it was giving him headaches, so he kept taking it off. At one point I asked to try on the wig myself to see how tight it was - which already got some giggles going on set - and at that moment my AD happened to be looking for me. “WHERE’S MY DIRECTOR?” He walked past me several times before he finally saw me. If I ever commit a crime, I have apparently found the perfect disguise.

Crew Members from Skywatch 

Crew Members from Skywatch 

What does this film mean to you?

This is a “popcorn flick” more than a think-piece, but as with most good sci-fi, there’s definitely stuff happening beneath the surface. It's an underdog story that pits two kids against a corrupt corporation. It asks questions about privacy and control and the growing power of private enterprise. The near-future world of the short - with delivery drones bringing the things you want to your fingertips in mere minutes - explores the sacrifices we make for the sake of convenience.

What inspired you to create it?

Basically, I’m a terrible lazy American who is addicted to instant gratification. I order everything I can online, including sometimes groceries - but I still have to wait for it to arrive, and then walk all the way to my doorstep to pick up my Amazon or Instacart deliveries. Wouldn't it be cool if your fridge restocked itself? If there was a place in your living room where your products just showed up? Once I started thinking about the sort of infrastructure you’d need to accomplish this, I couldn't get it out of my head. Pneumatic delivery tubes, in-home Portals, delivery drones... I wanted to build a story around this intriguing world I was envisioning. That was my original inspiration!