Star Wars: The Last Jedi - A Review


Written by: Melisa Marzett

Please note this review contains spoilers! 

Beyond the reasonable doubt, Star Wars is one of the most iconic movie series with the most significant group of fans all over the world. However, this community was the most unanimous one until the release of a new episode that blew up the whole world. It pleased audiences since most of them dreamt of new episodes, on the other hand, new “Star Wars” outraged fans by the new story with awkward attempts to involve characters from the original episodes. 

This time, the latest episode of “Star Wars”, the Last Jedi has been lively discussed. It appeared to be rather spectacular and caused a lot of debates concerning the quality of a franchise continuation. We are going to discuss this movie and decide whether it is worth watching or not. 

The film begins with a grand space battle, which surpasses even the final battle of the previous episode thanks to the visual effects. The experiment with a change of style in "Rouge-One" was positively accepted, so it is time for stupid death and tragic accidents. Even if the rebels win the battle, the audience sees and feels that the price for this victory is too high and from a fairy-tale with lightsabers, it turns into a dramatic movie. This is just one of many transformations. 

Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed “The Last Jedi” cannot be reproached for the lack of originality. The eighth episode was, perhaps, the most modern in the whole series. It is not a magical world of Jedi anymore, it is full violence and death and even the righteous can die. Sometimes it seems that soon enough Johnson will shake everything up and the franchise will change forever. 

This fact proves one of the opening scenes stands on a rock and hands Rey (Daisy Ridley) lightsaber to an aged Luke (Mark Hamill). He takes it and throws it into a sea. Bravo! It is impossible to come up with a better cliffhanger to surprise the audience. Of course, the saber did not drown. Soon enough Rey finds it, and the story continues without any changes, as like the previous scene means nothing in the movie. 

Johnson has enough guts to intrigue and even get the audience angry. So, for example, the director dispels all the mysteries and gossip of the "Awakening of the Force" resulting in multiple theories, both logical and crazy, resolutely and uncompromisingly. It appeared that there were no secrets at all and whether it is a well-taken move or not, this one is only in favor of new “Star Wars." 

At the same time, it seems that the picture was shot by a fan for the fans. Lets' compare it with the latest episode of “Spider-Man” movie. There are full of scenes created on the principle of "what if?" What if the hyper jump is misused? What if Jedi will use Force in another way in the course of a fight? 

The problem is that “The Last Jedi” is based on the principle of most of the games. Go to the point A and complete objective B. In case of success; you are allowed to go to the point C. Apparently, prior parts were built on the same principle since Lucas used the original story as well, but it was more natural in previous episodes. So, sometimes, when new scenes try to adhere to cliché, it causes dissonance. 

Subsequently, we are shown three separate scenes. The first one is an attempt of rebels to run away from the giant “Star Destroyers”, the second one is Luke’s revelations about the Jedi’s past and the third one is Finn searching for a person at the point C. Weird, isn’t it? 

So, sometimes, it seems that certain scenes are inserted just to explain the presence of most of the characters in the movie. For example, secondary character Rose (Kelli Marie Tran) is much more valuable and exciting than ex-trooper Finn (John Boyega) since she has a fascinating history and using her; Johnson showed how people live under the First Order rule. 

Finn is just funny and brave, Poe Dameron (Oscar Issac) is only a daredevil, and Rey is just a pure soul and a naive girl. Oscar Isaac and Daisy Ridley are great actors, but their characters stay without changes comparing with previous episodes. 

However, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) is subjected to multiple metamorphoses during this episode. In "The Last Jedi" he is an even more ambiguous antagonist, which constantly balances on edge between a villain and an antitype. Moreover, shameful defeat at the end of the "Awakening of the Force" he is more than outweighed by a spectacular lightsaber duel by the end of the movie. 

"Star Wars" fans undoubtedly concerned about Luke Skywalker. What about him? Is he a hero or a villain? Why does he look so ominous on the poster? Let's just say that Mark Hamill played his best role on the big screen. His participation in one of the episodes caused a storm of applause and cheers. 

"The last Jedi" is a rather disputable movie. Unexpected twists and turns, fan service, brilliant acting are pleasing but create the feeling that this episode could be much greater than it is. This movie is again one step closer to blur the common standards of morality as it was in "Rogue-One." The good characters stay good, evil characters remain bad. That's not how it works here. Certain ones, not all of them, change depending on situations and choices made. 

However, being on the verge of crossing this line, suddenly “The Last Jedi” returns to the original idea. It seems that Rian Johnson suddenly recalled that Star Wars series is nothing but a war between good and evil after all and it is not up to him to change it. 

Such a pity since correctly adhering to the original series stops a new one from developing. The main characters emphasize: "do not dwell on the past" but "The last Jedi" holds on to the past as strong as possible. Well, indeed, new “Star Wars” are nothing but a comprehension of the previous episodes. Though, despite multiple questions without being answered, new episodes featuring Disney continue entertaining people all over the word which consider it to be just a movie. 

In general, as well as any other picture, this one has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, this is a good and entertaining movie that will be gladly watched by those who like action movies, on the other, it’s insulting for the fans of original Star Wars since this series is almost as legendary as say Indiana Jones sequels. So, whatever the status you have, whether it is a just viewer or a fan, this movie is definitely worth watching. 

About the author: Melisa Marzett is into interesting movies. Today, new Star Wars drew her attention since she is a big fan of this series. By the way, she works for Best Custom Paper Editors  Where she skillfully takes on your essays and makes them awesome.