Brianna Ford - Author of Children's Storybooks

I met Brianna at AWP 2016 in Los Angeles and realized what a bright and talented writer she was. Here's her interview about writing life. 

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Brianna A. Ford. I am seven years old and will be in third grade in the fall.

When did you start writing stories?

At age five when I said my first book to my mother. 

What’s your most favorite thing about creating books?

Imagining what the characters will say. When I write my books I think of the characters speaking and what they would say and its fun to do that.

What’s the most challenging thing about creating a book?

The hardest part in writing is figuring out the words to use. I have it in my head but saying the words sometimes can be difficult

 What advice do you have for kids like you who want to write and sell their own book?

To be creative with your books and use your imagination 

Where did you get inspiration for Let’s Find Out and Who Took My Nest?

For LFO I wanted kids to learn about animals and for WTMN I came up with the animals in the book because I believed they would be great friends.

 What is the collaboration process like between you and the illustrator? 

I will let my illustrator know how I imagined the characters and then she will draw it until I like it. She is a really good illustrator. I like how she draws and that she's able to see the characters how I describe them

What kind of genre do you like to write about?

Books about nature, animals and friends. 

Can you tell me what your next book is called and a brief synopsis?

The Camping Trip which is about a girl who wants to go camping with her dad.

Where have you been on tour? Any funny stories to share?

I have been able to sell my book at conferences in Houston, Dallas and Los Angeles

Fun Questions

If you could go visit any planet where would you travel? Krypton

If you could be president for one day what would you do?

I would pass a law that kids did not have curfew

What’s your lucky number?


If you could meet any author living or dead who would it be?

Lexi Ryals

What’s your favorite character from a book?

Sleeping Beauty