Spring time is here. Flowers bloom. The East Coast gets Skirt Day (for you West Coasters, Skirt Day is the day in NYC/Boston/Philly where its finally really warm out, and all women subconsciously decide to bust out skirts for the first time since the leaves fell. Look it up.) The weather gets nicer, even in LA. And, with all of that comes another Spring tradition, 420 (I hope I don’t have to explain this).

This year, 420 perfectly falls on a Sunday, and this year, I will be celebrating it at the 2nd rendition of Rhymefest LA. Rhymefest LA is one of the greatest Hip Hop shows to hit Los Angeles. Going back to the roots of Rap, The Ukrainian Cultural Center was jam packed with Hip Hop lovers who came out to show support for the Underground movement last November, headlines by the legendary KRS-One. They have upped the ante for their 420 extravaganza, with two of my favorites, Pharoahe Monch, and my all time favorite, People Under The Stairs.

If you need a refresher on Pharoahe Monch, click the link, listen to this, and remember blasting this in the car peeling out of your High School parking lot:


I must admit, for me, Pharoahe Monch was someone who I had 2 total tracks of, even if I played them ad nauseum. However, I had the opportunity to hear some of his latest work, and it blew me away, and rekindled the good feelings I had for him. I cannot wait to see him close out the show.

What I am most excited about is People Under The Stairs, or PUTS to those in the know. Here are just a few samples of some of my favorites:

This is LA underground, but with beats and samples that took a simple suburban white boy like myself, and made a hip hop head out of him. PUTS is the pinnacle for me, and seeing them in this setting will be a herb infused paradise. I will have a full report with photos, and hopefully an interview with the legends themselves. Stay tuned.