Second Winner of the October Official Writing Contest

The Grimm Night 

The sun rises and Aaron awakens with a rigid start. He sweats bullets from his bed having flashes of dead people reaching for him. He reaches for a glass of water and drinks slowly with some medication. He looks over to the application for a mental institute 150 miles away. He read over the bio of the clinic. The clinic has progressive treatment, for people who saw ghosts and weren’t able to control it. He looked over the bold letters seeing extreme treatment to remove the ghost disease with the person. He smiled and took more medication slowly getting up.

Aaron brushes his teeth looking at his reflection of green eyes and long brown hair. He seems tall in the mirror. He sighs. He was only in his twenties and still having this problem. He left the house and got in the car. He drives out and stops at a hotel to sleep. Night falls and he wakes up clutching his chest feeling burned inside of him. He spots some ghosts beside his bed reaching for his flesh. He screams and dashes out of bed. He gets in his car and plunges on the petal skidding on the road hitting a tree. Aaron passes out and stirs the next morning. He checks himself to make sure there is no injuries and assets he is well. He gets out of the car seeing a sign that he only has five miles left till the facility. He continues walking with a grim demeanor.

Aaron slowly walks into the facility from ragged of the night before with a heavy heart and unspoken worry. Lines were down on his face as he rings the bell and sees the nurse collects his paperwork. Aaron looks around at the normal looking setting and painting inside the common room area. Aaron walks with Nurse Sheppard down the large wide white halls with a drumming sound. He keeps hearing a clicking sound from the outside walls as he reaches closer to his room. She turns locking the door behind herself.

Aaron walks up to the door and hears the clicking sound again ringing loudly down the hallways. He turns his eyes to see a little girl on a tricycle screeching on her wheels with a lollipop in her hand. She looks up to him and smiles from outside. Aaron’s eyes go wide seeing the girl’s skin black and dirty with decay with muddled clothes. Her teeth are mixed with worms and sharp points. She continues down the hallway and Aaron slams up against the walls trying to get away. He keeps hearing the clicking sound and his door opens up wide. The nurse he saw earlier holds out a chart all bloody but with no face peel. She nods her head to the side and gestures to the outside.

The room goes dimmer and he screams out loud as the sight of the little girl appearing before the nurse. She throws her lollipop down and it cracks triggering the room to look old and misshapen. Aaron grabs his head in terror and puts his hands around his face chanting but the room peels and turns darker. Ghosts come out from the walls with axes and giants wounds around their bodies. They all laugh at Aaron and he moves one of his fingers to see a man with no eyes and blood dripping out with a claw like hand reaching for him.

Aaron moves and races out of the room leaving behind the ghosts. The clicking still continues on as keys and quarters are heard around the rooms. Aaron runs to the nurse station.  The broken lights hovers high above in throughout the hallways to find a log. He submerges himself there down hiding from the ghosts. He reads through the paperwork of old papers seeing the hospital he thought was modern is actually 30 years old. He closes the book and sees the little girl on the desk sucking on her lollipop smiling.

She gurgles when she talks and speaks but whooshing noises come out, “you won’t be able to get out of here alive because once you check in you never get out and welcome to the show.” She jumps down the table and the clicking sound fades off. Aaron sits down  on the table pulling the pieces together of a giant fire and murders inside hospital. He looks around and sees a flashlight and a gun. He stashes it inside of his pants and rocks back and forth to get a hold of himself.

He stops what he does and feels the cold hand on his neck grasping him. He shoots the hand and runs away. Aaron, “there must be a way out of here.” He remembered the girl’s words echoing him in head, “once you check in you never return to the outside.” He could hear her mocking him but he ran down the hallway unsure of his current future to get out of a possessed ward of dead people.

Written by: Dea Divi
I am a published author of Countless Views and Reflections and Illuminations(anthology with a featured poem) poetry collections, and produced a short called "Sweet Kiss."