Suzanna Linton : An Interview

Suzanna Linton creates worlds beyond Earth and takes you to magical kingdoms of her imagination. You can find out more about where to buy her books and follow her on social media below! Enjoy this interview with her.

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Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Suzanna J. Linton. I am a fantasy author.

Suzanna Linton

Suzanna Linton

What do you love about writing?

I love creating my own world. I also like posing myself questions and trying to answer those questions through the medium of fiction.

Why did you choose to go the indie route?

I wasn’t finding any interest in my first novel through the traditional route. So, as a sort of “screw it” moment, I self-published the book and haven’t looked back.

What advice would you have in making sales on Amazon?

Study the system and find ways to exploit it. Also, don’t put all your faith on Amazon. Going wide in distribution works for most people. Also, giants fall eventually. It’s just smarter to be available in other places rather than just one.

What self publishing service did you use to create and upload the book?

None. I find people I want to work with—editor, cover artist, proofreader, etc—rather than depend on one service to provide everything in one place.

What are some good ways you have been successful in your marketing?

I’ve had some success in using Amazon ads. I’ve also had success in using Bookfunnel and StoryOrigin. These services make my free ebook available to a wide audience while gaining newsletter subscribers.

How long does your books take to write?

It varies on the book. It can take between six months to a year to have a final draft ready for publication.

Do you have a favorite book you wrote thus far?

My latest, Secret Burdens, is by far my favorite. I think it’s the best thing I’ve written so far and I have my editor, Libby Copa, to thank for that.

How do you create the book cover design?

I hire someone way more experienced and talented than me! Fiona Jayde of Fiona Jayde Media does all of my cover art. I give her a synopsis and any ideas I have for the art. Then, she takes it from there.

Where is your favorite place to write?

In my office. For some reason, it’s just easier to focus when I’m using my mechanical keyboard and sitting in an office-like environment.

Fun questions

If you were stuck on an abandoned island what five items would you have with you?

A survivalist manual, a book on how to build a raft, a knife, my rosary, and a satellite phone. Obviously, I don’t intend on staying on that abandoned island!

If you could meet any author living or dead and have coffee with them where would you go and see?

I would like to meet Mary Oliver. She passed away recently and that’s hit me rather hard. Her poetry was the first poetry that really struck me deep in my heart. I would like to chat with her about her writing process and about nature.

Suzanna Linton grew up in the in and around Holly Hill, South Carolina. Her mother taught her to read at a young age, introducing a lifelong love of books and making her want to write stories of her own. She attended the SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities' summer program in 2002 and graduated from Francis Marion University with a Bachelor's in Professional Writing. Suzanna lives in Florence, SC with her husband and their pets. Clara, her first novel, was self-published in 2013.