The High Points: An Interview

If Indie Rock and fun times are your thing you will love the UK based guys The High Points.

Check out their latest single on Spotify “Need Your Love” out September 28th, 2018.

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Courtesy of The High Points and Music Art Study

Courtesy of The High Points and Music Art Study

Tour Schedule

11.10.2018 Watling Street Brewery Watford

11.16.2018 Charity Ball Norwich

11.28.2018 West Street Live Sheffield

11.30.2018 The Vine Derby

Who are you and what do you do?

We’re a three piece indie/funk/disco band from Norwich UK called The High Points. Primarily composed of Ethan (Guitar and vocals) and Matt (Bass and vocals) with the use of session drummers.


How long have you been a band?

We’ve been a band for a year and a half now we started in January 2017


Need your Love - Single off latest album “Instant Love”

Need your Love - Single off latest album “Instant Love”

How did you come up with the sound for the band?

This is something we’re asked a lot, genuinely speaking an indie funk band is quite an unusual mix of genres! Our sound isn’t something we intentionally planned and we think it’s more due to our broad range of musical tastes but we think it’s quite unique!

Matt Cranswick and Ethan Keens-Soper band mates in The High Points

Matt Cranswick and Ethan Keens-Soper band mates in The High Points


Any funny or crazy stories while on tour?

We haven’t been on tour yet but we’ve definitely had some funny moments at different gigs in the past. One that springs to mind was a recent show at Watford where we brought one of our younger drummers along to play and he insisted that Matt did a line of shots with him and it didn’t end well! Matt being basically a non drinker got pretty wasted very quickly and ended up shutting himself in the venues bathroom for a good 20 minutes whilst Ethan and Reeve wondered where he was!


How long have you been playing music?

Together we’ve been playing music since we were 17 so 6 years in total.


Who typically writes the music? Or is it a joint collaboration?

It’s always been a joint collaboration between Ourselves, when we first met we started jamming and wrote our first songs within weeks of knowing each other. The musical connection was instant and it’s stayed the same since.


Who have you been inspired by to create your vibe/music?

We have too many influences to count but some strong ones for us are Nile Rodgers, Steely Dan, The Beatles and The Wombats just to name a few.

Our taste in music styles has changed significantly throughout the last few years which is why our style tends to be very different to what is out there. We still find ourselves finding new music to add to our style.


What do you love about performing?

Aside from the amazing buzz it gives you when playing live, we love making people forget about the outside world for that time, especially getting them dancing is something that we feel proud of, knowing that you’ve made someone feel good enough to let go and have fun is quite special!


How did you come up with the album art?

We wanted to link all of the songs to our artwork. We felt that the an instant Polaroid picture of summer brought the exact heart and feeling of the tracks from the EP.

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.14.41 AM.png


Fun Question!

If you were stranded on an abandoned island what five items would you have with you?

  • Being an island means no neighbors! So we’d have to have a drum kit! Unfortunately hitting coconuts and leaves wouldn’t cut it. Definitely a guitar & bass (could also be used as tools and hunting equipment). Now that we know our sanity won’t be comprised I think it’s a good idea we talk about more useful things..

  • A vat of novocaine (useful for pain)

  • And a Jamie Oliver Cook Book for those desperate times