CC and the Boys : An Interview

CC and the Boys are a country folk band with a soulful sound you can’t stop dancing to. I talked to Christine Cherry (AKA CC) from her band to hear their story of music.

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Who are you and what do you do?

CC and The Boys Photo credit: Pete O’Hare

CC and The Boys Photo credit: Pete O’Hare

The name of the band is CC&TheBoys! It’s me Christine Cherry (CC) and my talented boys (Amos Rose, Eli Bridges, Jon Wert and Bo Grady) we are a Country/Blues band based in NYC. We write original music and we also play around NYC and Nashville as a Country Party Band.

What is the country music scene in New York like? Do you find that these fans were always country people or are you reaching out to the new audience with your songs?

Country music in NYC has really grown to a new level in the last few years. There are so many talented players in this scene and we were lucky to be thrown right into the middle of the mix. Country music lovers are always looking to find the perfect place and we got blessed to be brought on as part of the family at Skinny Dennis which is the best honky tonk in NYC. You can go there any night and feel right at home.

CC & The Boys Photo Credit: Pete O’Hare

CC & The Boys Photo Credit: Pete O’Hare

What do you love about performing?

People watching, ha! Listening to live music, it really has special healing powers. Country music specifically because of the storytellers, it moves people. Every night is a treat with the band also, we have a great crew.

Performing at Opry City Stage is an awesome opportunity. What were your thoughts performing on that amazing stage? Why do you think it closed?

Christine Cherry (courtesy of Publicity)

Christine Cherry (courtesy of Publicity)

We were the luckiest with that space. The crew who worked with us on stage and in sound are like family to us. Getting to be a part of the team really showed us why they’ve made Country Music so great and why the “Grand Ole Opry” family is what it is. In New York City it was also a rare thing because unfortunately the city hasn’t been the most supportive of live music venues especially not ones based around Country music. We had a great run there and were shocked when it closed. We all hope that things will change in the coming years and people will support the arts more and realize the healing power of live music. We, thankfully, are still involved with the Opry family and are frequently playing in their other venues. We miss you Opry City Family!

What was the CMA Fest like?? Stories? Best part? Worst part? Were you starstruck by any of the veteran country singers?

CMAFest was a blur, it still feels like a dream! We got to be a part of the biggest celebration of country music there is! I think all of us were a little “pinch me is this real” about the whole day. The best part was when we found out Randy Travis was in our same Green room doing interviews…I might have done a small dance of joy.

What's next?

We are focusing on releasing more music this summer. It’s been a wild year for us of shows and tours and I think we got to place where we have enough stories to tell that we are ready to get them out there. Trying to do something new and exciting for our fans, excited to get to share it with everybody who’s been with us along the journey!

Fun questions

If you were stranded on an abandoned island what five items would you want with you?

Well we will have to make everyone chime in on this one…

Eli says a Djembe and his dog Sheba. Amos is the logical one so he says a steel knife and flint so he could start a fire. Jon says a lifetime supply of blueberries, almonds and Brussel sprouts. For me I’d say, a notebook and a pen to document being stranded on a desert island, and Jon and I agree that we would also need a magical never ending bottle of Casamigos. Thats not too far fetched right?

If you could have any mentor in music who would it be?

Dolly Parton is the obvious choice. She really is a the ultimate mentor for any songwriter/performer. True grace, calm strength and inner beauty through and through. There are many ways to get lost in our business and she has glided through it and showed any upcoming songwriter exactly how to stay true to yourself and always tell the best stories.