REBRND: An Interview

Rebrnd is a talented artist, DJ and producer. Making dance parties hip for a few years now out in California. Check out this interview to learn more about him. 

Check out more of his work out on INSTAGRAM


Who are you and what do you do? 


Hello! I am an artist, DJ and music producer from California.  I go by the name REBRND. I choose the name REBRND because to me the name is a reminder that I don’t have to settle for who I was yesterday I can constantly rebrand (get it) myself into something better and better each day.  Not solely with music but also better myself as a person in general.  Music is a HUGE part of my life though and the knowledge behind it is endless; so I consider myself a life-long student of sound.  I am always looking for ways to better understand music and its relation to the human experience and at the same time focus a lot of energy on improving my musical creativity. Currently working on various music projects including an EP. 


What do you love about remixing popular songs, such as the MGMT song you posted of yourself on Instagram? 

The song in that video I posted on Instagram was actually a remix done by a DJ duo called Two Friends. I was sitting at the studio one day and decided to play around with one of my drum pads.  Their version of MGMT's "Kids" is one of my favorite remixes so, while at the studio, I decided to take a break from working on music to create my own edit of that song on the drum pad.  It was a lot of fun! I recently did another video with a San Holo track.  I plan on doing more of those videos.




I am planning to release more of my own remixes but so far I have only released one.  I remixed Zedd’s “The Middle” back in April.  I choose to remix that song because I love Maren Morris’ voice on it and felt the urge to make something using her vocals.  Had a great time working on that one. 


How long have you been making music?

I have been producing music for the past 4 years but I just recently started releasing music this past year.  It takes a long time to get anywhere near producing a decent track for me right now so I am patiently working on perfecting my craft.. still learning (again back to the REBRND name).  Still trying to improve each day. 

What made you want to make music? 

Music is very special to me.  My dad taught me a few instruments when I was a kid and the older I got the more I appreciated it.  I started DJing then eventually got into music production and immediately fell in love with it.  Music is the one thing everyone in the world shares in common.  We may not all like the same music but we all LOVE music.  Essentially its the one thing that has the power to unite us all. 


With the innovation of VR/AR technologies do you see yourself incorporating that kind of elements into your shows? 

I have yet to design a stage for my performances but I think it would be really cool to use those technologies at shows.  I have heard people talk about using VR/AR but I haven’t yet seen anyone implement them.  Would be cool to have people visit your show at home through VR or AR but then again I love the human to human interaction at shows - can’t beat that!


What inspired  "Who We Are"? 

I made the instrumental and collaborated on this track with an artist that goes by the name “The Free”.  I have been a fan of The Free’s music for a long time so when he agreed to work with me on this track I was super excited.  The Free is such a talented artist and all of his music is very positive and uplifting it was an honor to have been able to work with him. “Who We Are” carries a positive message and it is something I want to do more of. Make positive music. 



How long does it typically take for you create a song from start to finish? 

It depends.  Some songs can take years to finish while others can take me a month.  


What kind of programs do you use to create your music

I use Ableton Live to produce the tracks and Pro Tools to record do the mixing and mastering. 


What advice do you have for the music producer/DJ just starting out? How do you build a following these days? Is it just performing in clubs/venues or is it just putting the music out there?

Building a following is not really one of my goals I simply want to produce great music that people can enjoy listening to.  My advice would be to always work on improving the art. Really learn from others with more experience, take classes, look up tutorials online, understand music theory, understand how sound works etc. I would also recommend reading the book This Is Your Brain on Music by Daniel Levitin.  This book helped me better understand how important music is. 


Fun questions

If you were stuck on an island what five items would you have with you? (no rules)

4 Generators AND My desktop computer to work on music (hopefully there is wifi).  


If you could put on the most epic dance party where would it be where you would get to perform?

It would be in one of the islands by the beach! Love the ocean and island vibes.  I would get Kygo, Matoma, and San Holo to perform. 


What is your favorite candy? 

Spicy Mexican candy! 


If you could travel in time where would you go? 

To the 90s so I can watch 90s Television.


What are you listening to these days? 

I listen to a lot of different style of music.  Some artist I am currently listening to are San Holo, Jeremey Zucker, Kygo (of course!), Matoma.. I also enjoy classic 80s music and a bunch more stuff the list is long.  Always looking up new artist too.