Dreidels and Fried Foods : An Interview

Full disclosure Zach Grashin is a friend of mine, but he's talented in writing, singing and directing pictures that move. I found his video on Facebook today and thought everyone should know about this glorious little music video. In the spirit of the holidays, I caught the busy Zach for a moment and asked him a few questions about the project. 


Happy Hannukah! Spread the love, and spin those dreidels. Directed By: Natan Winkler & Zorba Director of Photography: Jeff Handel Executive Producer: Rabbi Rubicon & Zorba & Marclaren Ringel Special Thanks: Fast Toys Clubs Inverted Frown Entertainment https://www.facebook.com/GOBDM/ https://www.soundcloud.com/breakingdownmechitzas https://www.invertedfrown.com

How did you come up with the idea? 

Ruby Antolin and I formed the group Breaking Down Mechitzas (barriers) about 8 or nine years ago, when we released our first Hannukah song, Dreidel Top to the tune of Lil Wayne’s, Lollipop. People loved the song, and we actually got some paid gigs to perform our music. The idea was to create parody songs that have their own life and vibe, while not compromising the edgy lyricism of the originals. 

David Chernyavksy

After a few year hiatus, Ruby moved down to LA and we decided we have to make a new song, and finally put up a video we are really proud of. Our friends, who are also creatives, really liked the track, and we had a cinematographer and director volunteer. The rest just worked out, and everyone donated their time or their house to contribute. No one was paid, including two professional dancers who came in at the end to teach a short choreography. This song is based off a lesser known original, called Snapbacks and Tattoos. I just loved the beat, and thought the chorus would be fun, the rest was just putting pen to paper.

Is that your car?

Zach Grashin driving down the streets of LA

My production partner, Marc Ringel is a car guy, and he offered to get us a nice car for the shoot. He asked me what kind of car I wanted, and I said, “one where the doors go up.” Then Marc, who’s now known in our group as Marclaren, got us the car, and it really helped sell the image of a rap video.


What was the most fun about the shoot? 

I think the most fun is getting everyone to show up just because they wanna be a part of something. No one got paid, no one complained, and everyone had fun. Also, a lot of people never danced in front of a camera, and getting people to do that for the first time is always entertaining, because people respond to other people just being real and in their element, and that’s what BDM is all about.


What were some challenges?

Driving down Rodeo Drive with our doors open. Trying to flip the latkes on the pan and keep them in frame. Also, during the party scene because it was a weeknight and everyone has their own schedule we had to work pretty hard to keep the group alert and awake throughout the evening, but it was worth it, and everyone showed up to do their best.

Zach Grashin Co-Director 


How do you think the Jewish community will react to your video?

Like all things, trying to judge the “Jewish” community’s reaction to anything is tricky. I work at a very religious school which would not promote this video, but I grew up going to a Jewish school and they’d have no problem showing it. I approached this with the following mentality: I will keep it kosher, and keep it fun, if it’s not kosher enough for you, then that’s ok - you can’t please everyone. Overall, I think it will be well accepted, because people like to see other people having fun, celebrating the holiday together, and the beat is catchy and has great replay-ability.

We’ve gotten another 1,000 views since I started this interview, so I hope that continues and will speak for itself!

Can’t wait to make the next one/s!



tell us which song you’d like to see a video for next!