Hey It's Kate Show - The Interview


So I got ahold of the creators of Hey It's Kate Show and asked them a few questions. Kate Dauphin and Marina Coria tell all. 


1. Who are You and what do you do?

Kate Dauphin: I'm Kate Dauphin, aka Kate Show herself! Besides acting, I write, produce, and direct Hey It's Kate Show!

Left Kate Right Marina

Marina Coria: I'm Marina Coria. I write, produce and direct Hey It's Kate Show. 

2. How did Kate Show get started?

KD: I started making Vines as Kate Show one day and it just built up over time, and finally moved to Instagram once they introduced the video option. People seemed to like her so I kept going

MC:  I would suggest ideas from time to time. 

3. Why start a web show?

KD: Marina would occasionally help me think of ideas for my Kate Show Instagram series and help me film them. We had fun working together and we just clicked and decided, "why not?"

MC: Kate and I had a lot of fun coming up with different Kate Show ideas for Instagram. I already worked in the "industry" and wanted to start creating my own content. Kate asked me to be her writing partner and the rest is history. 

4. What do you like about doing Kate Show?

KD: It's SO FUN. It's a character I enjoy playing and Marina and I laugh a lot. We think it's funny, and we've decided that's all that matters.

MC: It is so much FUN! Kate and I are laughing constantly even when we are stressing out. It's also super cool to see our final product and we always so "hey! We made a show"!

5. What inspired you to do Kate Show? How did you come up with the character of Kate Show?

KD: I had just finished a temp job at a talent agency in Hollywood- I'm not sure if that inspired the character or not but I remember that specifically about that day. So, maybe. I honed the character a little more in my Groundlings improv classes. I just like the concept of a person hosting a talk show and being really awkward and doing terrible interviews. Like that's the last thing in the world that person should be doing as a profession.

MC: Kate really came up with the character of Kate Show. Kate and I jive really well together and I could see where she wanted to go with the character. When we were in pre-production we sat down and hashed out who Kate Show really is. What she liked, what she didn't like, what she thinks is funny. It's kind of like Kate and I created a "child" haha! From that, the two of us developed the show and what we wanted it to be. 

6. Any fun moments you can share about filming Kate Show?

KD: I love filming the "Kate Show IRLs" where I go meet real people and ask them questions on camera.

We had just finished filming one at a mall and went to get food and happened to see Amy and Nick from Karmin in line directly behind us.

They're great and super big on YouTube! So I turned around, introduced myself, and asked if they would let me interview them. They did! What are the chances of that happening?!

MC: Kate and I are friends in real life so I always see Kate as Kate and Kate Show as Kate Show for me they are two very different people. It's funny when we go out into public and meet people in circles of friends that only know Kate through Kate Show and very much assume she is the character. 

Also I think in a good 45% of takes you can hear a muffled laugh from me. I'm constantly having to hold back my laughter while filming!

7. Any challenges with Kate Show you can share?

KD: Welllll we are a two person crew, including myself. So we pretty much have ALL the technical challenges. And neither of us have had our own production before so we are learning A LOT on the job.

MC: Besides being a 2 person crew, I think the most difficult thing is getting subscribers and having engagement. We could create the greatest show on earth but if nobody's watching it can get a little daunting. 

8. Any sneak peaks of what’s coming next on Kate Show?

KD: Kate Show might look for love....

MC: Kate Show might get a more permanent job....... Guess you'll have to stay tuned!

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The Below Questions are for our lovely character Kate Show because she also deserves to be included in this interview!

1. If Kate Show only could take five things with her on an island what would she take? 

I would take definitely my phone so I could record all the new things I find on the island, like bugs, and show them to everyone back home. I would also take red and blue candies because they taste the best. And maybe an oboe so I could learn to play in my downtime. Two more? Ummm.. a fake beard and lasagna!

2. If Kate Show could travel to another time, place, universe where would she go? What would she do there? 

I would probably go to another universe. I can't tell you which one because I don't know what's out there! But I'd like to make new friends and learn about another culture!!!!!!

3. If Kate Show had to choose between living in the forest or at the beach which would she choose?

The beach. Because I LOVE TO SNORKEL!!!

4. If Kate Show could meet any famous person living or dead who would she meet?

I would like to meet Harriet Tubman because there is not a braver person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

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