First Annual TreeHouse Festival

On an excitedly wonderful Saturday I stumbled onto the grounds of The Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, CA on October 15, 2016. I had no idea who I'd meet or what I would find. Little did I know this festival was a passion project of a one Alex Wisner. She had an idea to have a safe place for artists to just come over to her house and perform music. This little idea grew into people first coming over to her livingroom and performing, to it growing into small pop-up events around town and then eventually leading to this gathering in Pasadena. The venue wasn't large, but it was cozy. Surrounded by grass and a beautiful amphitheater the stage was set. I could see the origins of this group of musicians. Tree stumps, blankets, wooden crates and umbrellas lay about for everyone to enjoy music and art. 

A few people came up to my friend and I and they asked who we knew at the festival. We were both just two individuals that just happened to see something musical on FaceBook and decided to come join the fun. It just showed that the power of social media does work occasionally. 

My friend and I knew of the music by Jade (Previously from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros) and Kimya Dawson who traveled from the Pacific Northwest to sing that night. We stayed until the early evening to listen to the eclectic sounds of Kimya Dawson. 

Some of our stand out favorites from the day were Allison Weiss. Her pop-punk style with catchy lyrics electrified the stage. Even in this small intimate gathering she brought the house down. Here's a video of her performing at the festival. To see her perform live she's playing Oct 22 at The Troubadour.  

Other stand outs were Color Me Home. The set up was beautiful with a piano, and guitar they sang their hearts out. Color Me Home is a jazzy, pop, indie rock sound based out of Los Angeles.