Bryan Lazar in his Sophomore Album

Bryan Lazar is on his way. LA native is performing in a few hip spots around town such as Cousin's Main Lobster and Groundwork Coffee. 

1. What's your name and what do you do? Bryan Lazar- Singer/Songwriter

2. What would you categorize your music as? John Mayer meets something new

3. How long have you been playing music? 14 years

4. How many instruments do you play with and what are they? I kinda don't really keep count, I like to think of myself as a musical person and if you give me an instrument, I'll find a way to make music with it. But professionally I do play guitar, bass, drums, piano and I sing as well. 

5. What is it like working in LA and trying to find performance opportunities? LA is honestly like no other city that I've ever been to. Being from here originally, I guess you can say that I am a little biased, but I feel that the "vibe" here is something that can only be explained if you have spent time here. I fortunately am lucky enough to have a team that books shows for me, but the one complaint I have about the gigging scene here is the whole "pay to play" scene (pre-sell 50 people to our show on a Monday night at 11:30pm and if you don't you owe the venue/promoter the difference) but that's not really special to LA. But LA has some of the most legendary venues like The Troubadour, House of Blues (RIP), Roxy etc. and that definitely is a cool experience to share a stage that some of your heroes have. 

6. What are a few songs you really love that you've written? I've really been into some of my newer songs that I've released. "Hold on to You" and "Something Real" are probably my favorite songs off of my latest record. "Memories of You" and "If I Had Known" definitely hold special places in my heart as well. 


7. What cover songs do you like to play? Hackensack-Fountains of Wayne, Fix You-Coldplay, I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Deathcab For Cutie

8. Have you ever had any crazy requests for covers to sing? You have no idea...Last night somebody asked me to play "Calvin Harris".....I was performing with an acoustic guitar. 

9. Do you have any fun stories while performing or on the road? Well, I've fortunately had the opportunity to share the stage with some of music's legendary performers and one of my favorites was Willie Nelson. I think I get asked about that one the most. He was one of the nicest, most "laid-back" (wink, wink) professional that I've ever worked with and I mighttttt of gotten a contact high standing next to him. 


Fun Questions

1. If you could only pick one instrument to play what would it be? Guitar for sure. 

2. If you had the choice to be an astronaut where would you fly to? Well, Mars obviously so I could get silly Matt Damon's ass back here. 

3. If you could meet anyone in history living or dead who would it be? Probably Jimi Hendrix because I could only imagine having an hour to talk to him. 

4. If time travel was invented where would you go? Probably the late 60's era, early 70's. I've always felt like an old soul and identified more with that time period. 

5. What would you have as a super power? Flying, mostly so I wouldn't have to ever go through TSA again.....