Valerie June in Concert : A Review

Review and Video by Grace Samson

I had the great opportunity to go see Valerie June's show. I found that when I got to the Regent Theater in Los Angeles, no one was around in pure la fashion. So, in opposite fashion, I sat on the floor in the middle of it all. 

As Valerie came on stage so did her warmth, bringing a smooth southern twang to the room that was emotional and strong. She was sparkly from head to toe. Her band members wore their best southern style and had very long beards. 

The audience grew round and happy in their excitement and pretty soon I found that LA had shown up. I loved singing and participating with the crowd.

I had to stand and when I did, I too became a part of the sea of people taking part in a little folk in LA. 

Valerie June bewitched the crowd and we all stood together in an evening well remembered. I don't know her music titles but I am excited to learn more. The songs below really stood out to me. She will be someone that will definitely be here for a long future in music.