Rayo is an incredibly talented artist who is inspired by so many different kinds of art. Namely tattoo artists are some of his biggest inspirations for his designs. Get to know Rayo Denanda or as he likes to be called GODZILLARGE. 


Who are you and what do you do? 

Hello world, my name’s Rayo Denanda and I prefer to introduce my self as GODZILLARGE, I draw stuff for a living and go to the party on Friday night

What got you started in creating art? 

I’m not sure why I choose this as my career, as I remember this is my passion and just follow my dream to be an artist

How did you develop your style? 

I’ve got a lot of inspiration from tattoo art especially from the Maori and Polynesian cultures. Nothing special, just keep practice and consistent. Practice makes perfect, right?



Who inspires you as an artist? 

Mike Giant, HR Giger, Paul Booth and a lot of tattoo artists

What has been one piece that's been the most rewarding to work on? 

I always enjoy working on a t-shirt design, even for a local brand. I started my career as t-shirt designer and I always want to be one. When you see people wear your piece and feel proud and happy, there’s such a great feeling to me.

What has been one of your more difficult pieces to create? 

There’s nothing difficult actually, I’m just lazy LOL. Staring for hours create details sometimes really boring and I deal with this for years, but what can I do?



Where have you exhibited your work at?

I can’t remember when the last time I do group exhibition, in Lithuania in I think 2014, maybe, I’m not sure.

What kind of things do you like to draw? 

Animal, sacred symbols and random stuff

What is the process like in working from start to finish? Do you start on the computer or do you do a bunch of sketches on paper? 

I do sketch until finishing on the computer, save the tree start using a graphics tablet

What's next for you? 

I’m preparing my own brand and build my studio right now, so I this year I need to do more to make it happen



Fun questions

If you were stuck on an abandoned island what five items would you have with you? 

Beers, fishing tools, salt and paper, BBQ sauce, a gorilla costume

If you had a superpower what would be? 

I hate superpowers, I prefer pizza :p

*Editors side note if you are interested in seeing more great art check out a documentary about artist made t-shirts under the same idea that Rayo talks about HERE *