Andrew Kearns: An Interview

Andrew T Kearns is a photographer, video maker, storyteller Andrew  Kerns tells visual masterpieces in the great outdoors. 


Who are you and what do you do? 

Andrew Kearns 

Andrew Kearns 

 I'm Andrew Kearns, and I do photography and video work for a living all while documenting the whole experience.

Why do you love photography?

It's always different no matter the place or the people. You can get minor details or epic landscapes, or portraits of the people you're with. It's always different and is always providing you something to do.

Who are some photographers that you admire? 

Jared Chambers has always been my favorite, his tones and compositions are so good.

What does a typical day look like where you are? 

 Lots of time in front of the computer and behind a camera, haha. That honestly about it.

Any fun stories to share on a photoshoot or photo adventure?

Not really any specifics, but like I said I document it all and put it on YouTube, you can check it on my vlog!

What's your most challenging photo you've taken?

Hard to say, but I struggle and get frustrated shooting in rain. Your lens get wet, you're soaked, you have to protect your gear, etc. It's a lot to keep up with and worry about all at once.

Where was your most favorite location in Iceland?

South/South East is unbeatable. I could have spent the 10 days I was there just around that zone. You have beaches, you have stark mountains, and everything between. It's another world.

Vlog 53 - Blue Lakes, and Rock Skippage. Check out my Defender Journey: We stayed at the raddest AirBnB, found this amazing lake, 4x4 of course, and just had a good day. IG/Snap/Tmbl/Twtr: @andrewtkearns

How did you turn your passion about photography into a business?

 I just kept shooting. That's all really. Lot's of shooting and a lot more hard work put behind that. I put more hours towards it than most people in a normal work week.

Where's one place you haven't been to that's on your list of places to travel to? 

White Sands, New Mexico. I want to shoot a portrait session there so bad.

Do you like traditional film or digital photography better? 

I've only shot a few rolls of film. Although I would love to shoot more, I already have so much stuff going on it's hard to justify adding something else.


Fun Questions

If you were stranded on an island with only five items what would they be? 

My Land Cruiser, My Camera, My Laptop, and the other two can be a surprise.

If you could have one childhood object with you today what would it be? 

I'm not sure actually, I lost this northface jacket that I liked a lot and it'd be cool to have it back.

If you could photograph any world that isn't on Earth where would it be? 

The moon would be kind of fun? I know that isn't a world, but the other worlds don't look safe to be on, so I hear.

What's one thing about this world that makes you happy? 

Clicking the upload button after working really hard on a vlog edit that I'm proud of. It's like reaching the summit of a long hike.

If you could alter history what is one thing you would change? 

Probably that I should start taking photos sooner, but other than that I am fine with how life has played out.