Sam Landreth : An Interview

Sam Landreth is a writer, photographer, and storyteller. Every day she tells her truth through the lives she captures and adventures she writes about. Her bohemian and entrepreneurial spirit comes through in her pictures. Find out more about Sam and what makes her feel inspired.  



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Who are you and what do you do?

Photo Credit Sam Landreth

Photo Credit Sam Landreth

I'm a freelance photographer & fashion blogger. I travel & take photos full time -- my passion lies in weddings & engagements & I spend most of my time on the road capturing lovely couple for a living! 


What got you started writing and taking photos for brands?

I realized that I found myself in front of the camera pretty frequently & I have a big love for fashion & writing, so they all seemed to go hand-in-hand!


What is one of the challenges of working as a freelance blogger/writer?

Finding the balance between always having things to do & resting. You can work every hour of the day & still never finish work. Finding rest is super important, though. 

Photo Credit Sam Landreth

Photo Credit Sam Landreth


Best adventure you've been on so far?

Yesterday, I got home from Santorini, Greece + Copenhagen, Denmark & the Faroe Islands. Absolutely the best trip I have ever been on! Probably will never see anything prettier than those places.

Photo Credit Sam Landreth

Photo Credit Sam Landreth


Best hideout you've found?

Coffee shop corners in unfamiliar cities. 

Photo Credit Sam Landreth - Greece

Photo Credit Sam Landreth - Greece


Do you have any favorite cameras you like to use?

I use a Canon 5D Mark III & a Canon AE-1 for film.

Photo Credit Sam Landreth

Photo Credit Sam Landreth

If you could travel anywhere where would you go?

Probably Norway or South Africa! They both look amazing.

Photo Credit Sam Landreth

Photo Credit Sam Landreth

Who inspires you as a storyteller?

Nicole Mason, for sure. She is so authentic & everything she writes inspires me a great deal.

What's your ultimate comfy outfit to wear?

Overalls! Always my go-to. I think I have like four pairs.


Fun Questions

If you were stuck on an abandoned island what 5 items would you want with you?

  • A good book
  • A film camera

I'm stuck on what else I would want  Obviously matches & food & all of that.

What's the best wedding/engagement/portrait you've photographed?

My favorite engagement session was up at Diablo Lake in Washington. It was fall & perfectly foggy & the lake was the prettiest shade of glacial green/aqua. Definitely my favorite photos!

If you could photograph anywhere in the world where would it be?

Again, probably South Africa. Definitely, a trip I'd like to take soon.

If you had super powers what would they be?

Probably to fly! Definitely, would expedite my travel process.

Who are some photographers that you are inspired by?

Logan Cole, Nicole Mason, Tyson French, Jordan Voth