Ode to 2018

2018 in all it’s glory. An Ode to YOU.

Let’s give it up for all the players,

In life we call friends,



The ones who work and live on passion in their tiny apartments,

Making music until the morning light,

Dancing up all night in secret clubs and music you’ve never heard before,

To the midnight rushes and sushi dates at 7.

All fair in love in war.

To giving love one last shot and getting stomped in the heart

On the way to work,

Over Snapchat,

To winter winds, and Nor’Easters that won’t quit,

To pour overs and breakfast tacos,

To the mountains of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

To homemade dumplings and friendship in snow piles,

To funny squished noses on dogs and diners that hark back to


To all the holidays that seemed broken,

To which I say now are mended.

People make the moment, not the technology.

To dreams finally taking flight,

And long days ahead,

To sleepless coughing nights,

And data meetings that just don’t seem right,

Oh what a year,

Of super highs that even Paul Revere would smile at,

TO the lowest of lows and never ending fights,

Where the beautiful and the damned slept tonight,

Finding the way through this year was like combing hair in an ice storm,

It just never happened.

Who even goes out in an ice storm?

To unexpected deaths that seem like a laundry list of sadness,

To the love of life, love and loss published in a small book,

A quiet place for one reader and the peace of mind to another,

Poetry takes on a new dimension as it grows and intertwines,

With the burnt taste of mosquitoes and the able bodied lambs.

Thank you 2018.

Let’s remember you fondly of the best and worst of us

Moved on.

Without you.

Forgot you.

Ate you like a delicious taco loves ramen.