2019 Is Out And Proud

Happy New Year! How it has been a year of crazy life transitions over here. The magazine is still here and thriving, but still looking for ways to expand and make more beautiful stories come to life.

It’s also been a pretty consistent year in publishing interviews, reviews and commentaries. If we take a step back and look at the data we had a consistent basis of around 600 people from all over the world visit the site for one reason or another every month. Places such as Australia, to England to all the way in the Middle East. It never ceases to amaze me when the power of the pen goes to the send button to ask a simple question.

The magazine has truly grown and taken on new awesome, rockstar publicists in the film and digital media realms as well as reps in the literary publishing world. I am always looking for new readers, so if you want to know about new and nonfiction I will have it.

As this magazine flies through the year I can’t forget the humble beginnings it had in 2013 when I had no idea where it would take me. So far we have been to concerts, music fests, read and ate wonderful things. I’m blessed to be apart of a community of people who love to talk about art, music, design and storytelling in all mediums.

With even all the interruptions in my life, and cross country moving this magazine has stayed a steady rock to go back to when all the world seems chaotic.

Thank you for everything.

You dear magazine is the sanity in my ever exploding world.

So let’s take on 2019 with some gutso and go find those stories under the hidden corners of coffee shops and dusty record store table fliers.