We are the Unicorns

Hi World. It's been awhile since we have spoken without an artist in front of my face. Although you should go check out all the artists on the other pages. Instead of reading about me and my thoughts here. I promise they are so much more interesting than I, but if that didn't scare you off keep reading. 

Or if you are or identify as an artist stay put and keep reading. I'd like to start a dialogue and ask you fellow artist/writer/blogger/maker of creative objects do you ever feel alone in a crowd? As if you are the unicorn in a sea of beavers? I do. All the time. 

Photo by  Alex Holyoake  on  Unsplash

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

Of course, there's always this idea that won't shut up in my head which is "Do I belong?" "Do I matter?" The logical answer is yes you do. Is it where you spend 90% of your week? Debatable. In this world of rising social media and Instagram fame, I often wonder how people make money in that spectrum. This past week the magazine's Instagram got hacked and I apparently while I was sleeping befriended people who sell watches, body sprays, and I have a weird obsession with bodybuilders. Needless to say 2k people of unfollowing later I think I might be finally back to normal in my feed of cute designs, treehouses and people running off to Bali swimming. You should check out who I follow on the Instagram you'll see the basic things I find inspiration from. Although it's not wrong to feel inspired by the wilderness out there or delicious pizza eating in New York. 

Photo by  Mallory Johndrow  on  Unsplash

Now, what do I mean with all this nonsense about Unicorns and artists? Throughout the history of time artists have had the real struggle of fitting in. I've never met someone who's incredibly creative and is completely popular and has a million friends. They probably have three really good people they vent to and drink wine with or watch Netflix but that's it. If we are honest. Everyone else is a beaver to them. Beavers are efficient creatures. They build dams and care for their young on their stomachs. I mean that sounds so nice and easy and full of community. Artists move around too much to have that kind of community. It's why social media is a blessing and a curse. If you can get past the garbage about politics and self-hate having the ability to chat with someone online is lovely. 

Photo by  rawpixel  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Where do you spend most of your day if you are a unicorn? Are you in a corporate job? Are you selling wine? Do you take photos for nature sites? Do you ever wish you ever wish that box you're put into and labeled as could be burned to the ground and be turned into a circle? While change takes time, I have one tiny piece of advice someone much wiser said to me, "if you have to stay inside the box, sit at the edge of the corner and keep pushing the walls a little farther every day." 

Until next time friends.