Jessica Tillyer: The Future of Design is Female

Here at HOW Design Live there are short fifteen-minute speakers that come out on the keynote stage Jessica Tillyer is one of those lovely humans on day one April 30th, 2018. 

Jessica tells a story about being at an airport recently and how design functions there. Everyone was angry and grumpy. A grandmother then takes pillows and suitcases and creates a fort for her grandkids to play in, then other kids join in. Thus she came to the conclusion with this thought,  "What if grandmothers designed airports?" 


She believes there's nine shifts the industry can make to be more female forward. 

1)Inclusive versus a few

2) Embrace beauty

3) Be vulnerable 

4) Collaboration 

5) Lead with intuition 

6) Design with purpose 

7) Amplifying others 

8) Be Adaptable 

9) Gentle flexibility