Oscars List: Animated Shorts

Last night I went to Landmark Lagoon Theater in Minneapolis to check out the 2018 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films. It was a little over an hour long, and a really fun experience! Find out where you can watch Oscar Nominated Short Films on Fandango. Pick your Oscar winner, and tune in to ABC at 5:00pm PST, March 4th, 2018. 

Garden Party: France
This is my pick. Life-like animation with an amusing walk through the life of a frog, until we realize something isn't quite right. Mystery and frogs? Win in my book.

Dear Basketball: USA
I could see Dear Basketball winning. With incredible art, Kobe Bryant narrating, and John Williams at the score, it made me feel things for basketball - which is pretty hard to do. 

Lou: USA
Super cute short by Pixar about a lost-and-found monster who helps a bully make friends. Unfortunately, its not even Pixar's best work.

Negative Space: France
A sweet story of a man remembering the way he bonded with his father growing up. The animation was not my favorite, but the transitions were gorgeous. 

Revolting Rhymes: UK
Based on character's by Roald Dahl, this was a re-interpretation of fairy tales that ended with a gasp.